Distracted Driving Notice

In South Texas, a driver with 3 passengers checked the GPS on the cellphone and ran off the right shoulder. Quickly jerking the vehicle back onto the road sent them head first into an oncoming 18 wheeler in the other lane.  Three passengers were killed in this crash while driving home from spring break, South Padre Island – not texting, not talking on the phone.  GPS was the distraction that caused the wreckWatch for all distractions while driving. Don’t text, don’t read texts, don’t check email, don’t hunt for phone numbers, don’t dial, don’t do anything while driving except drive!

How long does it take to take your eyes off the road?  Too long!  Any time you use your eyes to do something more than driving is a mistake!  Whatever it is, don’t do it.  Distractions, don’t do it! Saving one life is worth it!

Federal law prohibits train engineers from using cellphones.  The train is almost always on the track.  When he is miles away from cities traveling along the track without much happening at all, he cannot use his cellphone while driving the train.  This is a good law, a strong law, a right law.  There is no federal law (just state law) to ban cellphones while driving your car.

Sixteen states and the District of Columbia have bans on handheld cellphone use.

And, see below:

Forty-seven states and D.C. explicitly ban texting.


If you have had a bad experience with Distracted Driving, we are sorry for your pain.  We do not give further details on the crash for obvious reasons.


Stay safe – don’t drive distracted!