Flood Insurance

Whether or not your home is in a flood-prone area, flooding can happen anywhere at any time. While most think that the damages can be claimed through their home insurance, flooding is a specific exclusion that is not covered in a homeowner’s insurance policy. A rule of thumb is that each inch of flooding will cost the unprotected over $7,000. The last thing you need is worrying about how to pay for the flood damage.

Contact our office and receive a thorough education on how flood insurance works in Nashville and its surrounding cities. We will review what it covers (appliances and items inside the home) and what it does not (decks and items outside the home.)

Flood insurance protection is meaningless after a flood. Plus, every flood insurance policy carries a 30-day waiting period before it can take effect. So act now!

When you can minimize risk from flooding for such a small cost, you have to do it. You have to protect your family and your assets.

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